Monthly Prayer Points

Moore College prayer points with a daily listing for each date are updated here on a monthly basis.  

January Prayer Points

1/01/2017 Praise God for the opportunities a new year brings to proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus
2/01/2017 Pray that students and Faculty have a relaxing summer break and stay safe as they travel
3/01/2017 Thank God for the new library facilities and pray for the work of moving the collection
4/01/2017 Thank God for the ongoing work of the Property Team as they prepare student housing over the summer
5/01/2017 Praise God for the godly leadership of College Principal Mark Thompson and ask God to sustain him this year
6/01/2017 Thank God for the provision of the new Teaching and Learning Center and pray that staff and Faculty will quickly settle in
7/01/2017 Pray for the Registrars department as they prepare for the new year and finalise student registrations
8/01/2017 Thank God for the property owned by the College and pray that it will be used wisely this year
9/01/2017 Pray for 2016 exiting students as they begin new ministries all over Sydney, across Australia and overseas
10/01/2017 Pray that Moore College will serve our Lord Jesus Christ by equipping men and women to know God better in 2017
11/01/2017 Praise God for College Vice Principal Colin Bale and ask God to give him wisom and stamina for his tasks this year
12/01/2017 Pray that students who come from a wide range of church and cultural contexts will be gracious with one another this year 
13/01/2017 Pray that many people will be interested in knowing God at a deeper level
14/01/2017 Give thanks for the dedicated staff of the College and all they do to support the students and Faculty
15/01/2017 Give thanks for the privilege of bringing everything to God in prayer 
16/01/2017 Pray for those students sitting supplementary exams for Semester 2 2016 subjects this week
17/01/2017 Pray that the word of God will remain at the centre of everything we do at Moore
18/01/2017 Pray that the College will prepare men and women as thoroughly and effectively as possible for Christian ministry and mission
19/01/2017 Thank God for Dean of Students Paul Grimmond and pray for his ministry to the students this year
20/01/2017 Pray that students will understand God and his purposes better as a result of their time at Moore
21/01/2017 Pray that our graduates might effectively and lovingly serve people to the glory of God
22/01/2017 Pray for the faculty as they seek to teach practical ministry skills necessary for a lifetime of service
23/01/2017 Pray for Jane Tooher in her role as Director of the Priscilla and Aquila Centre preparing for the conference next week
24/01/2017 Pray for Dr Peter Orr, preparing to lecture in Biblical Theology for the evening course (CCS) next week
25/01/2017 Praise God for the legacy of Thomas Moore and Bishop Frederic Barker in establishing Moore College
26/01/2017 Thank God for the freedom we have in Australia to preach the gospel and pray that we would make the most of that freedom
27/01/2017 Praise God for the over 4,000 men and women who have graduated from Moore College over the past 160 years
28/01/2017 Thank God for the ministry of William Taylor and pray for him speaking at the upcoming Priscilla and Aquila Centre Conference
29/01/2017 Pray for the staff preparing accommodation for the single students this year
30/01/2017 Pray that everyone attending the Priscilla and Aquila Conference today will be encouraged and spurred on
31/01/2017 Pray for the Certificate of Christian Studies students beginning their evening lectures today