The Spirit and Sonship: Colin Gunton’s Theology of Particularity and the Holy Spirit

David Hohne.

This book weaves together an interpretation of Christian Scripture with a conversation between Colin Gunton and Dietrich Bonhoeffer concerning the role the Holy Spirit plays in shaping the person and work of Christ. The result is a theological description of human personhood grounded in a sustained engagement with, and critique of, Gunton’s theological description of particularity – a topic central to all his thinking. In the course of the conversation with Bonhoeffer the book also offers one of few broad assessments of his work as a systematic theologian. In bringing together the work of two important modern theologians, this book explores both the possibilities of theology generated from Christian Scripture and the central importance of the doctrines of Christ and the Trinity in understanding what it means to declare someone or something unique.

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Engaging with Calvin: Aspects of the Reformer’s Legacy for Today (Nottingham: Apollos/IVP, 2009).

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