Master of Theology Admissions Process

Step One: Contact

The applicant’s first contact may be with a senior member of faculty or with the Registrar. The Registrar will ascertain the academic eligibility of an applicant for candidacy. Applicants who are not Moore College graduates should provide a certified copy of their full academic transcript.

Step Two:  Application Form

  • Download and complete an application form.
  • Provide a proposal of your study program.

Step Three:  References

  • Organise two personal referees one of these should be from someone currently serving in ministry with you. Download two reference forms and give one to each of your referees.
  • Organise two academic referees.  Download two reference forms and give one to each of your referees.
  • References are not required for those who have graduated from Moore College in the last 10 years.

Step Four:  Interview

  • An interview with the Director of Postgraduate Studies is arranged to discuss your application and area of research. The Director will write a report of this meeting.

Step Five: Research and Centres Committee (RACC) Consideration

The Research and Centres Committee (RACC) will then consider the student’s application and the report from the Director of Postgraduate Studies.  Those undertaking the degree must evidence an understanding of, and aptitude for Christian leadership and ministry.

The RACC decides whether the application should be endorsed to the College’s Academic Board.

Applications are handled in terms of the procedures set out in the College’s Student Policies and Appeals. In cases where the application is rejected the applicant has recourse to the Academic Grievance (Appeals) Policy of the College.