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Moore College recognises indigenous Australians as traditional custodians of this land under God’s good hand and is committed to seeing the work of the gospel thrive among indigenous communities.


Typically, Moore College students are required to have completed a university degree as a prerequisite to study. Special provision may apply, for students from an indigenous background. In such cases, the admissions process will involve successful completion of an English literacy test. More details can be obtained from the college’s registrar. For further enquiry into admission please contact


A generous benefactor has provided funds for a scholarship for indigenous students studying at Moore College. The ‘Indigenous Student Support Fund’ is awarded to students from an indigenous background who are undertaking a degree course. The terms of the scholarship give preference to students working in an urban context, however, all indigenous students are encouraged to apply.


An application form for this scholarship can be found here.

Study Assistance

The faculty at Moore College are very open to assist students in study skills as well as in particular subject areas, all students are encouraged to seek any help required as need should arise. On top of this, the Dean of Students can offer support where students are not coping with the course load. In this instance Moore College will make arrangements for suitable help to be given. Moore College also runs training on academic writing and the Dean of Students will ensure that all indigenous students are in a position to attend this training and it meets the particular needs of each student.

Pastoral Care

Indigenous students will be placed into a small chaplaincy group as the primary means of pastoral care for undergraduate students at college. The chaplains responsible for these smaller groups (usually a member of faculty and a female chaplain) will be conscious of the cultural and social challenges faced by indigenous students. Chaplains will meet regularly with indigenous students to ensure the primary pastoral care for students is maintained. Chaplains are open to discuss issues including personal, financial, study and ministry related issues. The Dean of Students will also be available should any pastoral issues arise that cannot be resolved within the chaplaincy setting.

Accommodation Assistance

Moore College has a number of student residences that are available for undergraduate students to live in while at college. Several factors are involved in the allocation of students’ residences. These include, the student’s year at college, the number of children in the family, disabilities or special needs and whether they are international students or are from outside Sydney. In recognition of the significant cultural challenges faced by indigenous students, they will get priority in housing allocation similar to that of international students.

External Support

A number of organisations external to Moore College are willing and able to offer further advice and support to our indigenous students beyond their theological study. These groups include,


Sydney Anglican Indigenous Peoples’ Ministry Committee
Contact: Deryck Howell (Chairperson)
Ph. 0411 770 451


Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship
Contact: Neville Naden (Chairperson)
Ph. 0425 387 402

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