Praying for Moore

January Prayer Points

1-Jan Praise God for the opportunities a new year brings to proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus
2-Jan Praise God for the godly leadership of College Principal Mark Thompson and ask God to sustain him and Kathryn this year
3-Jan Pray for the Registrars department as they prepare for the new year and finalise student registrations
4-Jan Thank God for the property owned by the College and pray that it will be used wisely this year
5-Jan Praise God for the over 4,000 men and women who have graduated from Moore College over the past 162 years
6-Jan Pray for 2018 exiting students as they begin new ministries all over Sydney, across Australia and overseas
7-Jan Pray for the staff preparing accommodation for the single students this year
8-Jan Praise God for College Vice Principal Colin Bale and ask God to give him wisom and stamina for his tasks this year
9-Jan Give thanks for the dedicated staff of the College and all they do to support the students and Faculty
10-Jan Pray that Moore College will serve our Lord Jesus Christ by equipping men and women to know God better in 2019
11-Jan Pray that students and Faculty have a relaxing summer break and stay safe as they travel
12-Jan Thank God for Moore graduates serving overseas in churches, theological colleges, education and other ministries
13-Jan Pray for the proclamation of Christ in churches all over Australia today
14-Jan Ask God to give the College Council wisdom as they oversee the management of the College
15-Jan Pray for international students coming to study at Moore this year
16-Jan Pray for good relationships between Faculty, students and staff this year
17-Jan Thank God for Dean of Students Paul Grimmond and pray for his ministry to the students this year
18-Jan Praise God for the legacy of Thomas Moore and Bishop Frederic Barker in establishing Moore College
19-Jan Pray that the College will prepare men and women as thoroughly and effectively as possible for Christian ministry and mission
20-Jan Thank God for the freedom we have in Australia to preach the gospel and pray that we would make the most of that freedom
21-Jan Pray for those students sitting supplementary exams for Semester 2 2018 subjects this week
22-Jan Pray for the Faculty as they prepare to teach and mentor students this year
23-Jan Thank God for the godly women who support and mentor women students as chaplains
24-Jan Pray for new students to settle in quickly to the College community
25-Jan Pray that many people will be interested in knowing God at a deeper level
26-Jan Give thanks for the privilege of bringing everything to God in prayer
27-Jan Pray that our graduates might effectively and lovingly serve people to the glory of God
28-Jan Pray for Jane Tooher in her role as Director of the Priscilla and Aquila Centre preparing for the annual conference next week
29-Jan Pray that the word of God will remain at the centre of everything we do at Moore
30-Jan Pray that students who come from a wide range of church and cultural contexts will be gracious with one another this year
31-Jan Pray that students will understand God and his purposes better as a result of their time at Moore

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Prayer Support Group

Praying for the needs of the College

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

The Prayer Support Group is a group of women from all over Sydney that meets together to pray for the needs of the College, its faculty, students and staff.  We are always looking for new women to join us as we express our dependence on God for all things.

It is a joy to hear about how God is working in the lives of our students and their families and to find out firsthand how we can best pray for college and its faculty, students and staff.



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