Praying for Moore

May Prayer Points

1/05/18 Pray that students will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord and fully pleasing to him
2/05/18 Pray that students will let God guide and shape their thinking and choices
3/05/18 Give thanks for the community of people who prioritise the gospel at Moore College
4/05/18 Pray for wisdom and grace as the College community seek to honour the Lord
5/05/18 Thank God for the provision of students for our Distance courses
6/05/18 Pray for our staff that they might be able to encourage each other as they work together as a team
7/05/18 Pray that our distance courses would have an impact on lives into eternity
8/05/18 Pray for accuracy and timeliness as our Finance Team maintain the financial records
9/05/18 Pray for wisdom, love and perseverance for our students and their families
10/05/18 Pray for members of our College community who are suffering from health issues
11/05/18 Give thanks for the Property team and their continued support of the College residents and staff
12/05/18 Pray for the Evening Course students that they will grow in the love and knowledge of God
13/05/18 Pray for our married students that they will continue to work out how to love family and friends while navigating marriage
14/05/18 Pray that what students learn at College would grow into godliness
15/05/18 Pray for Tony Payne as he prepares for the talk for the CCL event tomorrow
16/05/18 Pray that those coming to the CCL event today will be encouraged by the talk
17/05/18 Pray that many will come to Open Week to find out more about Moore College next week
18/05/18 Pray for those preparing for Open Night and Open Week next week
19/05/18 Pray that Open Week would be useful for those considering study at Moore
20/05/18 Thank God for the Facultys teaching and leading by example as Christians
21/05/18 Pray for Open Night tonight, pray for many to come and those coming will find it helpful
22/05/18 Pray that those coming to Open Week this week will learn more about the College
23/05/18 Pray that God will continue to raise up many new students to study at College in 2019
24/05/18 Pray that God would use our students and College community to expand his kingdom
25/05/18 Give thanks for the Moore Distance Graduation, pray for the graduates that they will continue to grow in their love of God
26/05/18 Give thanks for the privilege of bringing everything to God in prayer
27/05/18 Give thanks for the opportunity for College students to teach Scripture classes in two local schools
28/05/18 Pray that many might hear the gospel and come to put their trust in Jesus
29/05/18 Pray for many opportunities to share the gospel with people
30/05/18 Give thanks for the staff in the Registrars Department and pray for God to strengthen them
31/05/18 Praise God for providing the men and women of the faculty

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Prayer Support Group

Praying for the needs of the College

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

The Prayer Support Group is a group of women from all over Sydney that meets together to pray for the needs of the College, its faculty, students and staff.  We are always looking for new women to join us as we express our dependence on God for all things.

It is a joy to hear about how God is working in the lives of our students and their families and to find out firsthand how we can best pray for college and its faculty, students and staff.



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