Praying for Moore

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May Prayer Points

1/05/2019 Pray for those considering full time ministry after attending recent conferences
2/05/2019 Pray for the P&A seminar on Widows tonight with Phillip Jensen
3/05/2019 Thank God for opportunities to serve one another in love
4/05/2019 Pray for the Gafcon event today with Ben Kwashi and Foley Beach on ‘Confidently Preaching Christ’
5/05/2019 Thank God for those attending the Postgraduate Research Seminar today
6/05/2019 Pray for those organising activities for Open Week next week
7/05/2019 Pray that many will come to Open Week next week to find out more about our College
8/05/2019 Pray for wisdom and energy for our Faculty members
9/05/2019 Thank God for Paul Williamson, lecturer in OT, Hebrew and Aramaic
10/05/2019 Pray that in our busy College program, students and Faculty will grow in their knowledge of and love for God
11/05/2019 Pray for our continued work with partner organisations in global gospel proclamation through CGM
12/05/2019 Pray that God would keep the Moore community in good health, particularly as the winter months approach
13/05/2019 Pray that Open Night and Open Week will be an encouragement to the College community and our visitors
14/05/2019 Pray for those visiting during Open Week who are considering studying at Moore
15/05/2019 Pray for MA intensive students studying Exodus this week
16/05/2019 Pray that many will be guided to pursue full-time ministry training at College
17/05/2019 Pray that students would find ways to serve the College community
18/05/2019 Pray that many people will enrol in the PTC Course in order to get to know God better
19/05/2019 Pray that students will manage their time wisely and that their learning will be a blessing to others
20/05/2019 Pray for Faculty member David Hohne speaking at Youthworks House Conference this week
21/05/2019 Praise God for the faithful support of the Prayer Support Group and Men Praying for Moore
22/05/2019 Pray for the Distance Education staff preparing for the graduation ceremony on Friday
23/05/2019 Pray for the ministries of our students in churches all over Sydney and beyond
24/05/2019 Thank God for our wonderful Distance students graduating tonight
25/05/2019 Pray for the CCL workshop on Christian Ethics with Tony Payne and Chase Kuhn today
26/05/2019 Give thanks for the provision of College housing at Newtown, Croydon Park and North Parramatta for students
27/05/2019 Pray that the College community will continue to give primacy to reading the word of God in the busyness of life
28/05/2019 Praise God for the ministry of Peter Orr lecturing in New Testament
29/05/2019 Pray that God might raise up many more students to come and be equipped to preach the good news of Jesus
30/05/2019 Thank God for our Faculty and pray that he will sustain them in their tasks this term
31/05/2019 Pray for the Ministry to Muslims Conference tonight and tomorrow
1/06/2019 Ask God to use the Ministry to Muslims Conference to bring many to saving faith in Christ
2/06/2019 Pray that the churches would carry on the work of #mooremission with passion and faithfulness
3/06/2019 Thank God for Faculty member Chris Thomson lecturing in OT and Ministry
4/06/2019 Pray for the PTC students finishing their Christian Worship evening lectures tonight
5/06/2019 Pray that our students will continue to put into practice what they learned during Moore Missions
6/06/2019 Pray for the Moore College Distance students as they seek to serve the Lord in all that they do
7/06/2019 Pray that our students will grow in their knowledge and love of God through their studies
8/06/2019 Give thanks for the many women in the College community who are students or spouses of students
9/06/2019 Pray that many will enrol in PTC units this year and benefit from their learning
10/06/2019 Pray that students will make good use of Stuvac to prepare for exams
11/06/2019 Please pray for wisdom and faithfulness for the Moore College Finance Department
12/06/2019 Pray for Mark Earngey as he marks exams for the PTC Christian Worship students
13/06/2019 Thank God for the opportunities for students and Faculty to share in fellowship over meals together
14/06/2019 Please pray for clarity of thought and recall for all students sitting exams this week
15/06/2019 Pray that students will be able to balance their duties with their studies and other responsibilities
16/06/2019 Thank God for churches that hosted mission teams and pray for their ongoing efforts to reach their communities
17/06/2019 Praise God for the work of the Priscilla and Aquila Centre encouraging women in ministry in partnership with men
18/06/2019 Pray that the College community would long for their eternal home and fix their eyes on Jesus every day
19/06/2019 Thank God for Anglican Youthworks and pray for Youthworks students and staff
20/06/2019 Pray for wisdom and grace for those ministering to muslims in our communities
21/06/2019 Pray that PTC students sitting paper exams this week will remember what they have learnt
22/06/2019 Pray for safety in travel and refreshment for students and faculty over the Winter Break
23/06/2019 Thank God for our partnership with GWC in South Africa training pastors for African churches
24/06/2019 Pray that graduates make the most of the services offered by the Centre for Ministry Development
25/06/2019 Pray for Faculty members as they mark exams and assessments
26/06/2019 Pray that God will strengthen College graduates serving in difficult places
27/06/2019 Give thanks for the wonderful staff at College and the tireless way they serve the students and Faculty
28/06/2019 Pray for faculty members marking PTC exams
29/06/2019 Give thanks for those who sacrificially support the College financially
30/06/2019 Pray that the leaders in all churches will carry out their roles faithfully
Prayer Support Group

Praying for the needs of the College

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

The Prayer Support Group is a group of women from all over Sydney that meets together to pray for the needs of the College, its faculty, students and staff.  We are always looking for new women to join us as we express our dependence on God for all things.

It is a joy to hear about how God is working in the lives of our students and their families and to find out firsthand how we can best pray for college and its faculty, students and staff.



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