Praying for Moore

October Prayer Points

1/10/18 Pray that students will use Research Week productively
2/10/18 Give thanks for the men and women pursuing postgraduate study at Moore
3/10/18 Thank God for the members of the Finance team at College
4/10/18 Pray for the health of the faculty, students and staff at Moore
5/10/18 Pray for the single men and women studying at College
6/10/18 Pray for energy and enthusiasm as Faculty prepare lecture material and speak at various services and events
7/10/18 Pray for faithfulness as our students continue to serve at their churches
8/10/18 Pray that our students will keep trusting God in every situation
9/10/18 Thank God for the work of Simon Gillham and the Centre for Global Mission
10/10/18 Pray that our students will grow in their understanding of God and his word through their studies
11/10/18 Pray that our staff may be encouraged in the contribution they make at College
12/10/18 Pray for Chase Kuhn as he prepares to teach the Evening Class this term
13/10/18 Pray for those organising Open Day and Spring Carnival activities today
14/10/18 Pray that God might raise up many more students to be equipped to preach the good news of Jesus
15/10/18 Pray for the Diocese of Sydney Synod meeting this week and next
16/10/18 Pray for the Evening Class beginning Block 4 studies on Christ and his work this week
17/10/18 Ask God that the Synod will make wise decisions about the administration of the Diocese
18/10/18 Join the College community in praying for exiting students today
19/10/18 Pray for Paul Williamson preparing to speak on hell at the CCL event next week
20/10/18 Pray for the work of the Moore College Foundation headed by Trevor Cairney
21/10/18 Thank God for the generosity of those who support our College
22/10/18 Pray that Faculty involved in Synod will make valuable contributions to the debates
23/10/18 Thank God for the prayer and financial support of Moore College by the Sydney Diocesan Synod
24/10/18 Pray that the CCL event tonight on Christians and the Afterlife will be stimulating
25/10/18 Give thanks for College students who teach Scripture at North Newtown Public School
26/10/18 Pray for godliness, wisdom and energy for our students
27/10/18 Pray that God will continue to transform our students to be more like Christ
28/10/18 Pray for the College community to love others as Jesus loves us
29/10/18 Pray for God to strengthen our Registrars staff in the demanding work of dealing with the end of year exams
30/10/18 Give thanks for the opportunity for College students to teach Scripture at Darlington Public School
31/10/18 Pray for students to be wise and disciplined in their use of time leading up to exams

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Prayer Support Group

Praying for the needs of the College

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

The Prayer Support Group is a group of women from all over Sydney that meets together to pray for the needs of the College, its faculty, students and staff.  We are always looking for new women to join us as we express our dependence on God for all things.

It is a joy to hear about how God is working in the lives of our students and their families and to find out firsthand how we can best pray for college and its faculty, students and staff.



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