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A new library catalogue and website is now live. To search the new Library catalogue, click here to go directly to the catalogue page.

Samuel Marsden Archives

The Samuel Marsden Archives, which is administered by the Moore College Library, is the principal repository for the institutional records of Moore College, as well as the records of organizations and individuals with a connection to Moore College, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and/or the evangelical tradition in Australia. The Samuel Marsden Archives supports the College’s mission of teaching and research by preserving and providing access to historical records and documenting an accurate and authentic record of the life of the College.

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How do I access e-Resources?

E-Resources are listed in the library catalogue and may be searched by title, author and subject. The catalogue entry will indicate if the work is an ejournal, ebook or database. To visit the resource itself, click on URL in the wording on the entry.

In addition, the Library maintains a separate listing of E-Resources.

Currently enrolled Moore College students along with Moore faculty and staff may access the resources remotely by entering their college universal login and password.

Library members may access a limited number of e-resources.

All About Borrowing

How many items may I borrow and for how long?

​Borrower category Loan period Number of items​
Moore College student Years 1-3, Boarder or Public Library Member​ One week​ Twenty
Alumni member, Minister on Study Leave, MA Library Member, Visiting Scholar Two weeks​ Twenty
Moore College student Year 4, Moore College MA currently enrolled student, Moore Staff or Moore Associate​ Four weeks Thirty​
Moore College PhD or MTh student​ Six weeks​ Fifty​

All borrower categories may renew the loan twice. Go to My Library on the catalogue to renew.

Borrowers may borrow from collections designated as “available for loan” for their loan period as given above.

Collections designated as “in library use only” are available for loan for use within the Library for a two-hour renewable period.

Collections designated as “not for loan” may be used within the Library only and do not need to be borrowed.

How do I borrow?
Use a Self Check machine located on Ground or Lower Ground levels.

How do I request an item?

Requesting an item can be done by:

  • Go to the catalogue record for the item that you want to request.
  • Click Request item — located to the left of the catalogue record
  • Enter your College universal login and password
  • An email and SMS will be sent to you when the item is available for collection from the Library.

If you need to specify that you require particular volumes of a serial, you can select the required volume or range of volumes.

Under normal circumstances, requests for material made by 2 pm one day will be filled by 12:30pm the following business day.

Requests for material on loan will be filled as soon as the item is returned from loan.

If you do not have a College universal login and password, please register as a Visitor.

How do I copy, scan or print?

Copying, Printing and Scanning in the Library is managed by the PaperCut system.

How to Copy or Scan

  1. Tap the Username and Password buttons on the screen to enter your Moore College universal login and password.  OR swipe your card across the icon near the Toshiba sign.
  2. Choose ACCESS DEVICE for copying, choose Simple copying OR OCR options scanning and press START.
  3. Choose SCAN for scanning, select Scan to my email, check Settings and press START.

How to Logout 

Tap the Access button – the Login Screen appears

How do I enter my email address when I want to scan to email?


The copier already knows your email address because you have logged in!

OCR means you get text that can be copied from the document. PDF is normally the best option because it gives you both the image of what you copied as well as the OCRed text.

How to print

Moore Students, Youthworks, Cornhill, paid library members and paid alumni:

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi
  2. When you want to print for the first time, visit Papercut will tell you how to print taking into account your device’s specifications.


You will need to use a library computer to print unless you have your own internet connection. Ask for a guide from the Service Desk.

I want to check or renew my loans?

Visit the below link to check or renew your loans

Check Loans

How do I access Papercut to add money or pay fines?

PaperCut lets you manage your Photocopying, Printing and Scanning in the Library.

Access PaperCut by –

  • Clicking the link below
  • Logging in to PaperCut using your Moore College Universal Login and Password
  • Select your task from the menu
  • Follow the prompts

Open PaperCut


Add value or pay a fine instantly by Visa or MasterCard

  • Login to MyMoore – Library Payments.
  • Library Payments are found under “Payments”, “Library” from the menu.
  • Enter the amount you wish to add, and click “Next”.
  • Confirm that you wish to add this amount, and click “Next”.
  • When ready, click the “Secure Payment” button to enter your Visa or Mastercard on our secure payment site.
  • Click “Make Payment” to send your payment to college.
  • When the transaction completes you will be returned to a page which gives your receipt and displays your updated balance.
How do I logon/login to Wifi?

We are currently developing this content, in the meantime contact

How do I order an interlibrary loan?

All Moore students (other than DISTANCE) should email to request material that is wanted for coursework or research and is not already made available by the Library. We will attempt to acquire material that is available within Australia or overseas. Material may be acquired by interlibrary loan or by purchase for the collection. Rod Benson, our Research Support Officer, manages Moore College requests for interlibrary loan material.

To request material email or for assistance phone  +61 2 9577 9894

Information for other libraries

Libraries should use the Libraries Australia Document Delivery service to request material.  Direct requests are only accepted from ANZTLA libraries. The fee per item for document delivery is AUD$21.50 plus interstate postage if applicable. Mr Adam Tierney fills requests for interlibrary loans to other libraries.

To request material email or for assistance phone +61 2 9577 9892


With a total of some 300,000 volumes, some 30,000 eBooks and numerous ejournals, find any of your resource needs at Moore library.

The Moore Theological College Library began with the opening of the College in 1856 and now consists of a large research collection across a number of topics.
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